145th Street Short Stories

The book that I am reading is called 145th Street Short Stories. This story is about the street 145th . My favorite story is Big Joe’s Funeral.I wonder why Big Joe wanted to attend his own funeral.If I was Big Joe I wouldn’t be able to lay in a casket while I’m still alive. I didn’t understand why his girlfriend daughter wanted to destroy his funeral so bad. She was mean and so disrespectful even if he wasn’t really dead she could’ve still showed him respect. I had to reread when he told the funeral home people he wanted to be put in the ground and hear the dirt hit his casket. I wonder was he scared at anytime laying in that cold lonely casket. Big Joe is one crazy person to me, but yet brave as well. In the beginning I agreed with his girlfriend that he shouldn’t play with death. I feel Big Joe should’ve not did that because anything could’ve happened to him in that casket. I wonder what his girlfriend had to say about him spending all of their money on a fake funeral. What caught my attention in the story is not everyone knew Big Joe was still alive in the casket. When the funeral was over Big Joe open the casket and got out like nothing never happened. People began to run and scream when that saw Big Joe I would’ve done the same. Big Joe’s girlfriend’s daughter is so mean she began playing music loud as she could to get everybody attention.